Upgrading Rails 2 to Rails 3 is easy!

Many people might consider upgrading their Rails 2 apps since even Rails 4 is now released! We too recently upgraded the website of one of our clients – Founder’s Institute from Rails 2 to Rails 3. Migration is sometimes tricky but we outlined a plan for this and we were able to finish up quickly

Mongodb – not evil, just misunderstood

Lately I’ve been reading a lot about Mongodb and posts dissuading you from ever using it. Some of these articles are seriously outrageous and make me wonder what got the team to actually start using Mongodb in the first place. Sarah Mei’s recent article was one such that upset me a lot, especially since the

Why did I quit on hubspot?

Hubspot promotes itself as an Inbound marketing tool. Before we dive deeper, we need to understand what Inbound marketing is. Inbound marketing is advertising a company through content. Content is the primary citizen of content marketing strategy. As compared to outbound marketing which uses cold calls, cold emails, flyers, news paper advertisement and other shout